How Backflow Testing Can Prevent a Backflow Scare on Halloween

Understanding Backflow

In simple terms, backflow is when the unwanted flow of water occurs in the reverse direction. While backflow may not seem like a huge issue, it can be an extreme health risk. Health risks happen because backflow can allow contaminants into drinking water. It is important to know what backflow is and how to prevent it. This article will cover the dangers of backflow and how to test for it.

Backflow Introduces Dangers to a Household

Backflow is a major problem that can introduce dangers if not treated properly. A big issue with backflow is that it will damage an entire household with water. However, the biggest issue that comes with backflow has to do with health. Backflow will push water from a sewer system back into a home and contain toxic chemicals such as human waste. Different types of contaminants can be in the water due to backflow. Contaminants like raw sewage, industrial fluids, and edible food products. These contaminants all have a different level of hazard that the introduce to a household, so it's important to be aware of these hazards to understand the next steps.

Backflow Testing

Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent backflow so that homeowners can avoid the horrible risks it can introduce. One can install a device so they can filter that dirty water out of the system. One must install this device properly so the water supply remains contaminant-free. Backflow testing involves this device and hiring a professional plumber to check the valves for changes in the gauges movement. There are specific criteria that need to be met during this test, so rest assured that professionals follow the proper steps to prevent backflow.

Why Is Backflow Testing Important?

One of the major and obvious reasons that backflow testing is important is that it can cause health concerns if not done properly. Backflow will pollute the water supply and damage the public in a home and public. Backflow testing prevents public health and water contamination, making it easy for individuals to feel safe about their health in public or at home. Without backflow testing, communities would feel unsafe consuming water because of the major health risks it imposes. It's important that communities feel safe so that they can prosper.

There are also environmental concerns to be aware of when thinking about why backflow testing is important. Backflow will eventually travel into lakes and oceans, creating immense issues for the environment. Performing proper backflow testing ensures the community's safety and a healthy environment. Because of the community and environmental threat backflow imposes, it's important to contact a professional to avoid further damage when dealing with this dangerous issue. 

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