Winter Is Not the Time For a Water Heater Disaster!

3 Signs the Hot Water Heater Might Be Failing

Water heaters are a staple in the modern household. Homeowners should do what they can to take care of their water heater, including getting it repaired when the hot water tank starts to act up. Water heaters have to deal with a lot of wear and tear over the years. Professionals want homeowners to understand just how important regular professional maintenance is for their water heaters. The more consistent they are about scheduling maintenance checks, the longer the water heater is subject to last. Not only that, but homeowners will notice fewer breakdowns as well.

Below is all the information homeowners need to know if their water heater needs to be repaired or if it’s time for a replacement. Continue reading to learn more!

It Will Start Having Temperature Issues

Water heaters are supposed to provide a large amount of hot water throughout the home’s plumbing system at any given moment. When the temperature isn’t as hot as it used to be or fluctuates while in use, these are two of the most common signs of a problem with the water heater.

Many homeowners just live with it when they notice their water heater starts to fluctuate in temperatures often. Yes, most water heaters will need time to gather more heated water before proper use once again. However, if the water temperature goes from lukewarm to scolding hot and back to lukewarm in a matter of moments, this is a telltale sign that something else is going on under the surface.

When this happens, it’s time to call in a professional.

Homeowners Might Notice a Water Heater Leak

The great thing about leaking a water heater is that it can easily be fixed by a professional. The sooner homeowners spot a leak and call in a professional, the quicker, easier, and cheaper the repair is. That said, if the crack goes untreated for too long or the tank itself is too far corroded, it will likely be time to invest in a new water heater.

This is when professionals begin recommending tankless water heaters to homeowners. Tankless water heaters seemingly have an endless hot water supply at any given moment.

But if homeowners are going to catch a leak early, they need to know the proper signs to look for that there might be a leak somewhere in the water heater. These signs include:

  • The most obvious way to notice a leaky water heater is to walk to the unit and give it a once over for yourself. Homeowners tend to catch leaks on their own quickly because the floor near the water heater would be covered in water.
  • Loud and unusual sounds coming from the water heater or the pipes.
  • The sounds of rattling and corrosion bouncing around in the water heater.
  • Unusual smells or colors coming from the faucets in the home.

Dealing with a water heater leak can feel terrifying, but it is one thing that homeowners should have fixed right away whenever possible!

The Age and Wear and Tear Hold a Lot of Weight

Water heaters usually don’t last longer than ten years. If homeowners have stayed on a strict care schedule since purchasing the water heater, they might notice a little longer lifespan. However, most water heaters are ready to replace before they reach the ten-year mark.

When homeowners notice a malfunction with their water heater or if it’s just time to do maintenance, they should call in a trusted professional immediately. One should do this right away to help reduce the risk of water damage to the home or any other.

Professionals are licensed, experienced, and insured in the business. They will have the problem fixed and the water heater working efficiently.

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