Austin DEEP Freeze is Coming!

Protect your Plumbing this Winter Freeze

Here are some tips to Try and prevent your pipes from freezing:
Keep Garage Doors Closed, especially if there are water supply lines in the garage.
Have a low flow of warm water coming from a faucet instead of a drip.
Keep the thermostat set to a warm temperature during the day and at night.
Protect outdoor pipes that will be exposed to the cold temperatures by properly insulating them
Lastly do NOT cover your water heaters with a blanket, for this can cause a fire!

Please Note: Although we cannot completely avoid pipes from freezing here are some helpful tips in case of an Freezing Temperatures.

Tankless water heater cold weather tips
Prior to Freeze:

1.- Do NOT cover your unit with a blanket while running because this could cause a fire.
2.- Run water during freezing temperatures at a very low flow but enough to have hot water running out the tap.
This will keep your tankless unit in low fire and help prevent any damage.
3.- If you lose power and have a battery pack, plug it in and repeat tip 2
4.- If the above is not possible and you have no power go and turn your main water off on the street, then go to your unit and open the service ports to drain the unit, as well as unplug the unit. We also recommend you do this to all your hose faucets and fixtures throughout your home.
This will allow as much water to leave your system as possible.

Once conditions are safe to do so; When turning your water system back on first restore water to your home, and look around your entire property for leaks. Then bleed air from fixtures.
After the air is expelled plug your tankless back in and confirm the system is running smoothly.

If your Tankless unit is already frozen, unfortunately there is not much to do but wait until the unit is thawed out. Afterwards, if you see any indication of a leak or damage please, give us a call to set up an Appointment for a service call.