Spice Up the New Year with a New Plumbing Installation

Ring in the New Year with Updated Plumbing Fixtures

Over the years certain aspects of the home can become outdated and unexciting. Using the occasion of the new year to make some plans about some updates is a great way to bring the spirit of the new year into every room of the home.

This year, when planning for fresh starts around the home, start in the kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms are two of the most-used rooms in the home, so they will benefit more than others. Here are some recommendations from local plumbers about how to spice up kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Kitchen Sink Upgrades

The kitchen sink is the star of the show in the kitchen. Every meal begins and ends in the sink, from food prep to cleaning up the dishes. Unfortunately, the kitchen sink can become damaged over time from so much use, or it can become hopelessly outdated. Upgrading the kitchen sink to a newer style is an affordable way to update the feel of the entire kitchen. Good choices for kitchen sinks include:

  • Prep sinks
  • Apron sinks
  • Undermount sinks

If replacing the sink isn’t in the budget, there is a cheaper way to upgrade the space. Installing a new kitchen faucet is a cost-efficient way to make the sink feel new. When upgrading the kitchen faucet, look for new features that make the sink more user-friendly, like a touchless faucet.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom remodeling can be intimidating because it will displace family members while the project ensues. But, the benefit of planning the bathroom remodel at the beginning of the year is that there is an entire year to make decisions and plan around the project.

When planning for a bathroom remodel, the project can be as big or small as it needs to be. A total bathroom remodel with a new bathtub, sinks and sink faucets can refresh the space, but the cost may be more than the homeowner is interested in. For more budget-friendly fresh starts in the bathroom, homeowners can consider upgrading the fixtures and the showerhead.

Hiring Professionals to Install Plumbing Fixtures

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling costs can be more than a homeowner wants to cover. To reduce the cost, homeowners may be tempted to tackle the remodel themselves despite a lack of experience with plumbing. This can lead to projects that take way too long and cost more than initially expected.

Instead, homeowners should seriously consider hiring a professional plumber. Professional plumbers have the tools and experience to get jobs done faster and safer. Faster means cheaper. Don’t let the temptation of saving a few bucks on a DIY project distract from getting the job done right the first time for a lower cost.

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